Squirm (1976)

Worrrrrrrmmss! And they chomp on human flesh! An electrical live wire in a rural area of Georgia is making contact with the wet soil and therefore the worms, which creates super charged worms. Just barely tolerable, though for mid 70s nature horror schlock it’s relatively okay. [rating: $4] –Kenyon

The Mutilator (1985)

This stereotypical low-end slasher–depicted inaccurately on the cover art–is worth a look for its pitiful acting and script as well as for its entertaining butcherings. A deranged man with no personality uses various weapons to slice and dice the friends of his estranged son. Oh but he has good reason to do so! 10 years prior his son was cleaning his dad’s gun and accidentally shot his mother!

Now, beyond the commonly discussed awful performances, corny “fall break” song and great death scenes (not gonna spoil it though it’s worth the wait!) there is a strange awkward scene. A leading character complains to a cashier that a senior discount is age discrimination while the cashier himself is a black man who was born before Rosa Parks refused to give up a seat on the bus to a white person. Wow. [rating: $6] –Kenyon

Hostel Part II (2007)

While “studying” in eastern Europe, three weak-minded girls become victims of a merciless underground network that kidnaps stupid Americans and auctions them off to wealthy sadists who apply various gruesome methods of torture. Unlike the first film–which packed a brutal, terrifying punch–Hostel Part II adds an additional dimension. Instead of relying mainly on the path of the victims, the winning bidders–two American men–are examined as well. These two characters are much more interesting than the three oblivious victims. Oh, you will find out why! Ghastly, bloody and fun. [rating: $7] –Kenyon