Hide and Go Shriek Review (1988)


Eight kids have graduated high school and now they are partying inside a furniture store (what?). While the employees are closing the store for the day, one of them mentions that the windows have shatterproof glass and there is an ex-convict living in the basement. Of course he has easily identifiable snake tattoos so to compare to the unseen assailant’s hands later chain-locking a door. Meanwhile, the group of geniuses–whose language is limited to phrases like “you’re stupid, jerk face”–agree to play hide and seek (duh). The couples pair off, find a hiding spot (bed) and dilly dally for 30 minutes or so. Finally they are terrorized by store mannequins while a weirdo frolics around wearing clothing of the people he offed. Unlike most every other “slasher,” half the kids in the extremely murky picture quality of Shriek survive. This includes a prankster wearing sunglasses in the dark for most of the movie. While attention is put towards the ex-con, it turns out someone else is in the multi-level building. The explanation as to why is nonsense to say the least. [rating: $1] –Kenyon

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  1. I watched this movie when it came out, yes that long ago, and for some reason I remembered loving it. Hey, I was a kid, what did I know? When I asked my friend if he's seen it, he promptly found it for me online and when I watched it again as an adult, I couldn't remember what it was that I liked so much. However, it did give me and my little sister a good laugh.

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