VHS IS THE SHT: Feast for the Devil (1971)

Feast for the Devil aka Feast of Satan (Spain, 1971) Sold on eBay for $57. Both titles sound gruesome but the consensus is that Feast is slow, goreless and basically a waste of time aside from the architecture of an old castle. The box art is on par with other releases from Mogul Communications, but they’ve surely worked with better films. The only video found at press time is this trailer, which is free of voice-overs.

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Let’s Scare Jessica to Death (1971)

Let’s Scare Jessica to Death (1971) A psychological chiller rarely mentioned, Let’s Scare pre-dates some of horror’s most influential films, allowing it to walk its own path. While it does have that 1970s horror film atmosphere, the movie only plays mind games with the namesake character and ultimately the viewer. The emotional mess Jess has recently left a mental hospital. She, her husband and a pal move to a big house in rural Connecticut, where Jess starts seeing things and hearing voices. It’s not clear if all the images she sees are real or in her mind. Meanwhile, they are acquainted with a woman who they find already living in the house. She turns out to be either a vampire, a ghost or just a sick and twisted drifter who strums a stringed instrument with audio dubbed over it (yikes!). In the early 70s this must have spooked people, but with a lack of meaning and no closure, the film–even with its moments of suspense–comes up short in its attempt to scare. [rating: $5] –Kenyon

Headless Eyes (1971)

Headless Eyes (1971) Weirdo artist tries to steal a girl’s money. After she gouges his eye out with a spoon, he is now obsessed with doing the same to random victims. He takes the eyes and then does creative things with them, like putting them in ice cubes. Headless Eyes is terribly made with many pointless, dragging scenes, but considering this is from the early 1970s, the gore involving eyeballs must have been shocking. The most memorable–and quite hilarious–scene is at the opening when the guy’s eyeball is hanging and the audio for his screaming is looped as he’s climbing down the fire escape. [rating: $2] –Kenyon