Woodchipper Massacre (1989)

Amateur, camcorder-shot sorta horror-comedy concerning three kids that accidently kill their aunt and dispose of her in the woodchipper. There’s a video on youtube that condenses the whole movie into a few minutes, which is really all that’s necessary. The “acting” is beyond-the-door bad. [rating: $0] –Kenyon

Intruder (1989)


One of many works created by a combination of Sam Raimi, Ted Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Scott Spiegel, Intruder has been called the “last great slasher of the 1980s”. This is quite the overstatement, as the movie doesn’t possess any unique qualities and settles as a typical slasher with the usual “twist.” Beware, the twist is spoiled in the trailer! What’s worse is that Campbell is billed as a lead actor, but actually only appears for a couple minutes at the end. Sam and Ted Raimi, at least, play two of the several characters semi-inventively knocked off by an unknown assailant in a supermarket. This string of events occurs late at night after the employees are told that the store is permanently closing. From the start, you know they are all doomed when they split up and go searching for friends. All of Intruder is shot in and outside of a supermarket, although it’s much better than the Gingerdead Man, which shot entirely in a bakery. Sam Raimi uses camera angles which you may recognize from Evil Dead. Though of course, Intruder is no Evil Dead. [rating: $5] –Kenyon