Demon Witch Child (1975)

(Spain, aka the Possessed) Reading up on Demon Witch Child leads to it being called a rip of the Exorcist. Really, this strange supernatural work only has one thing in common with the Exorcist. This would be the possession of a young girl. Besides that, it’s a completely different trip. First of all, the girl is possessed by a witch…AND a demon (!?). That detail is confusing. The child is not in a bed waiting for the priest to enter. This girl is roaming around normally while making the rudest–and often humorous–comments under the spell of the demon/witch. What she says to the detective searching for a baby killed by a satanic cult deserves applause. And then she chops a guy’s balls off! NOTHING like the Exorcist. Very little time is even spent on an exorcism.

A crude picture quality allows an authentic look for Demon Witch. This could be immediately improved, however, by removing the soundtrack and dismissing or skipping the melodramatic scenes of a priest and his ex-lover. Then it would be eerie as hell. Oh hell, just remake the damn thing. [rating: $6] –Kenyon

VHS IS THE SHT: Feast for the Devil (1971)

Feast for the Devil aka Feast of Satan (Spain, 1971) Sold on eBay for $57. Both titles sound gruesome but the consensus is that Feast is slow, goreless and basically a waste of time aside from the architecture of an old castle. The box art is on par with other releases from Mogul Communications, but they’ve surely worked with better films. The only video found at press time is this trailer, which is free of voice-overs.

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