Dead Snow (2009)

dead snow

Supernatural nazi zombies rise from the snow when awakened by a group of vacationers in a secluded cabin. Dead Snow‘s self-awareness is blatant, as it clearly references classic horror, presents obvious foreshadowing and finds new uses for intestines. The comedic foreign horror work is happily unrealistic, as it should be. The victims believe they’ll be safe in an area ripe with avalances, while an oldtimer warns them about the impending Nazi threat but then goes against his own advice by pitching a tent nearby. None of them are prepared for the army of zombies, the suspense and outrageous, wicked gore. [rating: $9] –Kenyon

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Jack Frost (1997)

[Not to be confused with the comedy starring Michael Keaton from 1998]. In this tongue in cheek horror-joke a convict escapes, gets drenched in an experimental chemical, dissolves into the snow, and becomes A SNOWMAN! He’s going to find out that being a snowman isn’t easy. Just so happens there’s a snowman making competition in town. What could go wrong? Silly D-grade nonsense, and “Jack Frost” is barely animated. His hands are like big oven mittens, though this does not hurt his driving skills in the least. Terrible one-liners and puns every few minutes. File next to Gingerdead Man. [rating: $2] –Kenyon

Jack Frost 1997 Movie Review

Monster in the Closet (1986) Horror-comedy from Troma with intentional movie cliches. The monster–which is actually kinda cool–hides in closets, grabs people and throws clothes out of the closet. After even the military can’t stop the monster that soon threatens the entire world, the cameo-filled cast concludes that they must destroy all closets. I guess it was either that or nuke the entire planet from orbit. [rating: $6] –Kenyon