a (mostly) serious look at horror films from the 1960s to present, driven by rare VHS tapes. All content by Kenyon Hopkin unless noted. moviesleftfordead at gmail dot com.

video clips are specifically chosen in so that they spoil as little as possible. at first, trailers seemed the way to go. but who wants to cook an animal after you eat it?

oh and this is how the ratings work: $1 means it’s sh*t and $10 means it’s THE sh*t. $10 is the highest because no one should ever have to pay over $10 for a movie. rating is relative to a film’s budget and to the year movie was created.

some of Kenyon’s all time favorite horror films are Evil Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original), Friday the 13th parts 2 and 4, Phantasm, High Tension, Neon Maniacs, the entire SAW series, the Howling, the Thing (1982), Cabin Fever, Let the Right One In.

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